Conversation Is Fine Art,

Leonardo Da Vinci could paint the mellow settings of a conversation – Michelangelo would sculpture our body language’s and create definition – Beethoven would compose the atmosphere –  & You and I would bring soul, power and fantasy. 

First and foremost, always be yourself & have confidence while in conversation. You should feel comfortable with yourself and not have the idea to change anything for anyone.


Conversation Is Fine Art –  It creates & paints realities in each others minds, it allows two to communicate on a level so mystical that it brings out the absolute best of us, the cosy conversations that sets us into comfortable surroundings, that passionate connection that’s made by two people . 

Conversation’s are defined as treasure keys to unlock a persons mind no matter the size of the lock. Once that person comes to unlock your mind you’ll feel a deepening feeling of comfort, you’ll become relaxed & more open to exchanging thoughts and feelings with that person. 

Deep conversations can magically influence the mood and become intimate, but you won’t feel vulnerable to embarrassment or shyness, because at this time you’ve connected on a level so there is understanding & respect between both. 

A conversation should begin with the intentions of wanting to explore their mind or even your own – It should begin with the want to communicate and devote that time & your attention to this moment.  


Having an open conversation where you’re in position to reveal your mind & heart to a trusted person doesn’t happen quickly at all – Nobody wants to feel vulnerable – There’s a process of trust that needs to be built, a boundary of respect which needs to be earned before a conversation can deepen & become openly intimate, because intimacy doesn’t equate with trust  – But this is never an impossible task, the purpose & intention of conversation is to explore, to venture and see what you might find inside the person you’re talking with & what you might find in yourself. 

Once a bond has been made then it gracefully invites you both into becoming best friends & potentially the highest level of all, soulmates. – Where this bond is felt from any distance, where you’re both able to see through each other, where nothing can be hidden. 

Some will still see risks in being completely open but again trust is what you have to give & earn, an exchange of trust between two people. 

The great thing about connection is that, if the connection is strong & so vibrant, then you’ll know if this is real and if it’s real forever; a forever relationship – You’ll be able to feel any negative vibes and tackle it, absolutely nothing can be hidden once you’re both intertwined with each other. 


A conversation can start with the most basic of subjects but begin to get interesting if it’s fed from both sides. So why don’t you get some real practice? We all have something interesting about ourselves or to say. 

Most people will take you by surprise with the subject they want to talk about but don’t avoid it, sometimes you just gotta listen to understand then talk back. – Your personal experiences can ignite a conversation especially if you relate with that person – Your experiences can be the honest advice you give to another person. 

Listening is the vital part of a conversation because you’re being honest not only with what you say but with how engaged you are – Sometimes all one has to do is listen and offer comfort as the other person speaks. 

Many of our beautiful Queens want our Kings to listen & communicate back with them – Someone will bring you into their realism just so you can understand their feelings, hurt, joy or pain and you have to be ready for the saddening times of conversation. 

You most certainly don’t have to be intellectual or a free-spirit to hold a vibrant conversation, you just need to be attentive and interested in the vibe, person and accept that this person can bring you into thier reality & dreamworld – It’s really beneficial to get a feeling of this vibe I so often write about. 


You can converse anywhere, it might not be by the view of Tower Effiel or by the warm fire in a wooden cabin in Denmark – It may be in a car during the night, by a lake or in your living room, bedroom or bathtub – No matter the place, what matters is the urge to communicate, the want to just talk without the interaction of the cyber world. 

Please, don’t allow social media to overtake your social time, we’re always not busy on our phones and forget that we can have much more entertainment away from technology – This happens all the time even during dates from what I see, allowing distractions to divert from the focus-point. 

People’s perspectives change so sporadically because of what they read via social outlets, but it’s not to say that there’re some inspiring contents which can help a person with their conversation. 

But have your own mind, have confidence & give less of your time to social media. 


Below is a website that I’ve read through in order to gain understanding about our spiritual & bodily powers. 

If you do want to posses that extra edge of surprise then begin feeding yourself knowledge of various things – Familiarise yourself with spiritual practices & education, chakras of the body, begin practises of meditation. – Only if you want to have that deeper & energetic conversation on that level.

Nurture yourself with the education of 

  • Our Third-eye that we have & it’s ancient and traditional power & definition. 
  • Chakras of our spiritual body & the six different meanings 
  • Meditation of peace, happiness and tranquillity. 




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